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Exploring fragrance trends in personal care 

Inline | minute read

Fragrance trends play a big part in shaping the consumer experience when it comes to personal care products. At Inline, we’ve honed our craft over three decades, developing innovative products that marry high quality with affordability. One part of this expertise is crafting products with fragrances that truly resonate with our customers – and yours. Whether it’s our range, products developed through our contract manufacturing or white labelling services, we ensure that the products we create feature scents that are not just on-trend, but accessible and appealing.   

Accessible and appealing fragrances  

Our approach to all product development begins with a deep understanding of consumer preferences, and that’s still the case when it comes to fragrance. We’ve spent 30 years working on creating products that resonate with a wide audience. By tapping into their demands, we can identify popular scent profiles that resonate with large groups of consumers – evoking positive emotions and creating a great lasting impression.  

Fragrance isn’t just a nice finishing touch; it can be an integral part of the health and beauty product experience. It has the power to evoke emotions and enhance everyday self-care rituals. Whether it’s a relaxing lavender-infused body lotion or an invigorating coconut and coffee shampoo, we select fragrances that create meaningful connections with consumers.  

Fragrance trends 2024: Rising trends for personal care 

Much like fashion, fragrance is an industry that’s constantly changing depending on current trends. Let’s take a closer look at some fragrance trends that are set to be popular throughout 2024 and beyond.  

Wellness and spa-inspired scents  

We’ve spoken about the rise of home spa and self-care routines on the blog before, and there’s no denying it’s still a huge consumer trend. Fragrances that promote relaxation, reduce stress and evoke a sense of calm continue to be popular. Soothing notes like lavender, chamomile and sandalwood offer consumers a much-needed moment of tranquillity amidst busy and often stressful daily schedules, whether used in perfumes, oils or body lotions.  

Cost-conscious customers  

Changing costs will always influence consumer behaviour and this extends to health and beauty products. As more people face rising costs and smaller budgets, they’re increasingly looking for value without compromising on quality. This trend emphasises great value for money with a pleasing sensory experience. When considering scents that appeal en masse to consumers focussed on affordable options, we recommend using familiar and universally appealing fragrance profiles. Think timeless vanilla, classic floral or refreshing citrus. 


This trend allows consumers to transport themselves to different places through scent. It’s about creating sensory experiences that allow a moment of respite and evoke feelings of relaxation, luxury or adventure. Some examples of scent profiles that embody the escapism trend include tropical fruits like coconut and mango, which conjure up images of sandy beaches, and sea-inspired fragrances which bring to mind fresh air and the tranquillity of the ocean.  

Indulgent gourmand 

Gourmand fragrances in health and beauty products embrace sweet, edible notes that remind consumers of indulgent treats. These scents have an enduring popularity among younger consumers, but are constantly evolving with new and innovative variations that appeal to a wider audience. Scents like vanilla, honey and caramel will always be popular, but trending modern twists on gourmand include scents like pistachio, praline and coffee.  

The future of fragrance trends  

Looking ahead, we’re poised to adapt to any new emerging fragrance trends. Our focus is always on evolving consumer demands, and as the personal care industry continues to innovate with new and exciting trends, we’re committed to staying at the forefront. We’re constantly researching and exploring changing consumer preferences so we can continue to create high-quality, affordable products that inspire and delight the end customer. While we know scent plays a crucial role in product appeal, we also prioritise using effective active ingredients that deliver real benefits.  

Our expertise goes far beyond creating our own ranges of health and beauty products. Our contract manufacturing and white labelling services are designed to empower other brands to bring their product vision to life. Whether you want to launch a new skincare care or expand an existing range of personal care products, we’re here as your trusted partner in product development.  

Are you a brand in search of the perfect partner? We create high-quality and affordable personal care products driven by current trends – including fragrance trends. Whether you’re looking for contract manufacturing or white labelling, we’re confident we can help your brand shine. Please get in touch to see what we can do for you.