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Tropical Sun

Anovia Tropical Sun promises high-quality sunscreen and aftersun at affordable prices. Each sunscreen product moisturises and nourishes the skin whilst offering essential protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. The aftersun contains either vitamin E or aloe vera to moisturise and Soothes the skin.

Whether Tropical Sun Kids, Tropical Sun SPF 30, Tropical Sun Sensitive or Tropical Sun Aftersun, the entire range is dermatologically tested, great-value and popular with consumers. And with products available in handy-travel size tubes from 40ml to 200ml, customers have appealing travel-friendly options.

British-made sunscreen products

The Anovia Tropical Sun range of sunscreen and aftersun is manufactured in Britain at our UK-based manufacturing facility. Each Tropical Sun product offers a value-driven solution, in attractive packaging using ingredients that consumers love. As a beauty product supplier with 30 years’ experience, we know what sells and help you maximise sales from your available shelf space.

“We continue to bring successful consumer-focused brands to market, including Anovia Tropical Sun. And we are committed to delivering on time and in full against our agreed service levels, every time. We keep your customers happy by ensuring your shelves are stocked with high-quality and affordable sunscreen and aftersun.”

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