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Anovia Sleep

Our Anovia Sleep range is designed to aid a restful sleep and includes both chamomile and lavender fragrances. Whether Anovia Sleep Essential Oils, Pillow Mist, Bubble Bath, Body Wash or Body Lotion, the range features strong branding and clear messaging that appeals to consumers.

Each of the products within the Anovia Sleep range contain core ingredients that aid sleep and that consumers look for. Anovia Sleep is a value-driven offering and cost-effective solution to stock on your shopfloor.

UK made value-driven sleep products

The Anovia Sleep range is manufactured right here in the UK at our purpose-built modern manufacturing facility. When you stock our sleep products you benefit from our end-to-end fulfilment process to produce your orders on time and in full. We help you to maximise the sales from your existing shelf space and also continue to look at manufacturing efficiencies to boost the sustainable nature of our products.

“We continue to bring successful consumer-focused sleep brands brands to market. We are committed to delivering against our agreed service levels every time to keep your shelves stocked and your consumers happy with sleep products that work. “

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