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Contract manufacturing for bath and body care products

Collaborate with us for bath and body care production

Whether body mist or essential oils, you can partner with us to produce bath and body care products that consumers love.

Utilise our UK-based manufacturing solution

By collaborating with us, you can cost-effectively outsource your body care manufacturing process. As an expert body care products manufacturer we have 30 years’ experience of producing products that work for the needs of consumers and that sell.

Through our in-house lab, in-house R&D, expert chemists and a UK-based modern manufacturing facility, you can get your product to market quickly and efficiently. Simply provide us with your existing formulas or detail your new product requirements and we will deliver the perfect product on time and in full.

Bring new body care products to market at scale

We are your collaborative partner to bring your body care products to market at scale, at speed and cost effectively. Once we have your exact product specifications or key requirements, we can produce a precise final result. From initial lab work and testing to full scale production, we develop high-quality products. Our product design team can create eye-catching packaging that appeals to your customers.

  • We are keyed in to the latest consumer trends to inform our product and packaging development
  • We ensure precise product development through continual sample testing
  • You can test your products in as little as two weeks

“We partner with you to bring the highest quality products to market for your brand. We are committed to delivering on time and in full against our agreed service levels every time, to help drive the long-term growth of your business.”

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A cost-effective solution for existing or new product production

As a highly experienced body care products manufacturer, we provide an end-to-end fulfilment process to produce your existing bath and body products cost effectively at scale. You can also work with us for new product development, tapping into our extensive consumer and trend insights around health and beauty products alongside our manufacturing process.

Contract Manufacturing

Whether existing lines or new products, you can bring your products to market quickly, efficiently, at scale and within budget. Our contract manufacturing services cover:


Bath & Body