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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our business, our processes and our products and brands through the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

  • Do you formulate and fill?

  • What type products do you formulate and fill?

  • If I send you a benchmark or sample of something I would like a similar formulation of, is this something you can do?

  • What is your capacity?

  • What are the minimum order quantities?

  • Can I split this across various artworks and components if I use the same bulk?

  • Can I split the MOQ across various artworks and various bulks?

  • Is there any way I can have a smaller number of products, say 1k to test the market prior to ordering the larger MOQ?

  • What are the lead-times?

  • How will I know if my formulation is compatible with my requested components?

  • Can you fill powders and granules?

  • How long is the shelf life on my products?

  • Can you do line trials for approval?

  • If my product requirement is not something you can develop for me, is there another supplier who you would recommend?

  • Do you perform compatibility and stability?

  • Do you recommend a testing house for full stability and challenge testing?

  • Do you provide me with the CPSR and the PIF?

  • How will you communicate the testing results?

  • How long will this compatibility testing take?

  • What tests do you perform on product bulk to ensure it is suitable to be taken to the line for production?

  • What quality systems and accreditations do you have in place?

  • What is the manufacturing process?

  • Will I receive over runs or underruns?

  • Can I attend the production run to sign off the production standard?

  • Can I have product samples to sign off and approve if I do not attend the production run?

  • What level of quality inspections are performed during the production run?

  • If there are any issues, how and when will this be communicated to me?

  • Will I receive a full production schedule for my product?

  • What is the printing process?

  • How can I trust the final print will look like my design?

  • What format do you need me to supply artwork in?

  • If I don’t have artwork created, are you able to do this for me?

  • Am I able to attend the print run and sign off on the printed film?

  • Where will my batch code and expiry date be printed?

  • How much is the delivery?

  • Do you ship to countries outside of the UK and what is the price?

  • Can I buy your own brand products to sell?

  • What are the payment terms?

  • Could I buy your products but put my own labels on them?

  • Do you have recyclable bottles, jars, and closures?

  • Are my labels and components subject to plastic tax?

  • Who should pay the tax if this is applicable?

  • What is the carbon footprint of my product?

Contract Manufacturing

As a personal care product manufacturer, we collaborate with you to bring your brand’s products to market efficiently and cost-effectively. Work with us to develop new product lines or produce existing formulas for:


Bath & Body




Our products

Our value-driven and consumer-focused products are in line with the latest personal care trends. Maximise sales from your available shelf space with products that sell.