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Discuss requirements

Here at Inline we take pride in the flexibility we can offer our customers. Our team of experts can assist in the manufacturing of existing products to your specification or with developing a completely new product to manufacture. The first step is to speak with one of our experts to discuss your requirements. It’s useful for us to understand the appearance, fragrance, feel, and performance you would like to achieve with your product. We can offer assistance at each stage of development, from formulating your product, to advice on design and packaging options.

Lab Work

Once you have spoken with one of our experts and agreed on your requirements, such as the desired action, claims, fragrance, and colour of your product, our in-house development team will use their extensive range of exciting ingredients to begin work on creating you the perfect formulation. The benefits of having our laboratory in-house and  such a wide range of ingredients to choose from means samples of your desired product can be available to trial in as little as two weeks from initial contact.


Before we send out samples of your product, our in-house experts will give these a try to ensure they meet the brief discussed. Once we are happy that these are perfect, we will send them to you for approval. Here at Inline we strive to achieve perfection the first time but we do understand that there may be minor tweaks required; Such as increasing fragrance, reducing colours etc. This isn’t a problem if this is the case just let us know! At this stage, if you have asked us to look into packaging for your product, samples of these will also be sent for approval.


Once you have approved a sample of your product, and its packaging, we will discuss any regulatory or packaging issues that may affect the delivery date. At this stage, samples will be sent for challenge, micro and stability testing. 


Your product is good to go! All samples have been signed off, regulatory testing and components have been received. At this stage our experts will carry out an internal pre-production meeting, your designated contact will discuss the product requirements with manufacturing and production teams to ensure everything runs smoothly. On completion of post-production, a gold seal sample will be submitted to use a standard for all future production runs – and for you to see your final finished product in all of its glory!


Your product has made its way through all our manufacturing process and is ready to be shipped. Your lovely new product will be with you within 48 hours from time of despatch for you to enjoy.