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Sleep-enhancing beauty products

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There’s nothing like a good beauty sleep. When we sleep, our bodies work hard to repair our skin, producing new skin cells that help improve its texture. Our skin deals with a lot as we go about our day-to-day, from sun damage to pollution, so a restful night’s sleep is key to keeping skin healthy. It’s why a great night-time skincare routine is so important – it can help unclog and clear pores and support the regenerative process.

A peaceful night’s sleep is linked to a whole host of other wonderful benefits, from keeping our immune systems strong and controlling stress hormones to physical benefits like reduced under-eye dark circles. As a result, savvy brands in the health and beauty market are catching on to the popularity of sleep-enhancing products. From relaxing pillow sprays to indulgent body lotions in calming scents, product ranges that can help promote a good night’s sleep are on the rise.

Keep reading for more on the best products brands can offer to encourage the ultimate beauty sleep, as well as the key ingredients in sleep-enhancing products.

The best beauty products to aid sleep

Creating the perfect environment for sleep is a great way to get the recommended 7-9 hours of uninterrupted rest. Beauty products that promote calm, ease stress, and offset the damage of the day by offering a dose of hydration and nourishment are part of a relaxing night-time beauty routine.

Here are some of the best beauty products to aid a good night’s sleep.  

Pillow mists

Aromatherapy pillow mists and sprays are specifically designed to promote a good night’s sleep. Available in a range of relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile and rose, they’re spritzed onto a pillowcase before bed to help relax the senses and drift off into a more peaceful sleep.  

Sleep mask

Too much exposure to light can interrupt sleep, preventing our brains from producing the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin. That’s where sleep masks come in. Often made from soft, comfortable materials like silk or satin, they block out external light, encouraging a deeper and more restful sleep.

Bath oils or bubbles

It’s no secret that a hot bath is a great way to wind down, and introducing a sleep-enhancing bath oil or bubble bath is the perfect way to level up the relaxation. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood and clary sage can aid sleep by soothing the mind, and they smell amazing too.      

Body lotion

A good body lotion offers the skin ultimate hydration before bed, making it a perfect final step in a night-time beauty routine. Often formulated with sleep-promoting scents and nourishing, moisturising formulas, they leave skin feeling deeply hydrated until morning.  

Aromatherapy roll-ons

Infused with sleep-enhancing essential oils, an aromatherapy roll-on is a great way to help relieve stress and anxiety, making it a perfect beauty product for sleep. An aromatherapy roll-on has deeply calming properties when rolled onto pulse points like the wrists and neck before bed. 

Night cream

Night cream is one of the most powerful skincare products around. It helps to boost moisture levels, regenerate the skin and improve collagen production, all of which leaves the skin looking firmer and plumper. Night creams are available in many different formulations, but some of the most popular active ingredients include hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils and natural extracts like green tea and chamomile.

Key ingredients in sleep-enhancing products

So, what are the key ingredients in sleep-enhancing products? When it comes to beauty products for sleep, there are a few effective ingredients that pop up time and time again. Here’s a closer look at the most popular ingredients and why they work.

  • Lavender. A famous natural sleep aid, lavender essential oil is the perfect scent to sweep away stress and promote relaxation. Lavender has been found to have a positive effect on the mood and helps relieve stress.

  • Chamomile. Chamomile is known for having a relaxing effect, making it great for encouraging easier sleep. Often drank as a calming herbal tea, beauty products containing chamomile can also have incredible calming benefits ideal for before bed.
  • Hyaluronic acid. One of the most popular skincare ingredients, hyaluronic acid is great for retaining moisture in the skin, making it perfect for a night-time skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid can help restore skin moisture balance, so it’s found in a lot of popular night serums and creams.
  • Oils. Natural oils like rosehip oil, argan oil, coconut oil and almond oil can deliver nourishment and hydration to the skin. They can be applied directly to the face or body before bed or found as popular ingredients in facial oils and moisturisers. 

  • Antioxidants. Known for helping to repair damage caused by the environment and pollution, antioxidants are another key ingredient in sleep-enhancing products. Antioxidants can be found in skincare products in many different forms, including sources of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3 and vitamin A.

A great night’s sleep and night-time beauty products go hand in hand, giving today’s brands a unique opportunity to offer innovative products that encourage restful sleep. In an increasingly competitive landscape of wellness and beauty, offering products that contribute to an effective bedtime routine can make you stand out above the rest. 

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