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Get the Glow Maximizer Tanning Lotion

Solaresse Maximizer will stimulate and intensify your body's natural tanning rate to provide a radiant, long-lasting tan. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera combine to gently hydrate, soothe and nourish the skin, whilst tan enhancers deliver a rich, deep tan.

size: 200ml
Case: 12
barcode Inner: 50 373 78 001 63 1
Code: SLS0030-02
barcode Outer: 50 373 78 001 71 6
Feel the Heat Tantalizer Tanning Lotion

Solaresse Tantalizer combines an intense blend of tan enhancers and natural plant extracts to provide a rich, deep tan whilst protecting, moisturising and nourishing the skin. Tantalizers advanced heat formulation further stimulates the tanning process.

size: 200ml
Case: 12
barcode Inner: 50 373 78 001 62 4
Code: SLS0010-02
barcode Outer: 50 373 78 001 70 9
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